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Friday 31st March - Farewell to the Phoenix Kirtan Night

Join us for a night of uplifting and soulful Kirtan chanting at Hare Krishna Fridays! As we bid farewell to the Phoenix Community Centre, our last night here will be solely dedicated to chanting the Holy Name of Lord Krishna as a celebration of our time here.

For over 13 years, we have held weekly Bhakti Yoga meetings at the Phoenix Community Centre, and we are grateful for the friends and memories we have made here. Although we are sad to see this chapter come to an end, we are excited to continue our spiritual journey and flourish at our new venue.

Come and experience the transformative power of Kirtan, as we connect with the divine through the melodious chanting of sacred mantras. Let us come together in love and unity as we embrace this new chapter of our journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the last night at the Phoenix Community Centre and join us for a night of soul-stirring Kirtan chanting. We look forward to welcoming you with open hearts!

We will also be having our usual Veggie/Vegan Spiritual Feast.

Starts at the usual time of 19.30 at the Phoenix Community Centre.

Click HERE for further details.

See you there!

Hare Krishna!

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