Annual Rathayatra Festival

Each year will organise a huge festival on Brighton Seafront known as 'Rathayatra'.


Rathayatra is a festival for Lord Krishna and His devotees.  It's an extraordinary spiritual event that originates in Jagannatha Puri on the east coast of India and dates back over 2,000 years.
Everyone chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra with musical instruments and drums  along with dancing in ecstacy as Krishna in His most merciful form of Jagannatha is pulled along on a huge wooden cart. Click HERE for more info.

Our usual starting point is just East of the i360 on Brighton Seafront, Finishing near the Peace Statue on Hove Promenade.

The usual schedule is as follows: Deities usually arrive at 11.00. Festival starts around Noon. Prasadam (Veggie/Vegan sanctified food) served approx 13.00. The procession starts around 14.00 going west along the seafront finishing at Hove lawns around 16.30 with more Prasadam!

Please come, take part and enjoy this transcendental spectacle!

Unfortunately the festival in 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Pandemic restrictions.

We are hoping this summer will be different and we can enjoy the festival this year!

Please stay in touch as things change and develop.

Jaya Jagannath!