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Friday 27th August - Pre Janmashtami celebrations

This Friday at the Phoenix Community Center programme will be having an evening getting ready to celebrate 'Janmashtami' on Monday.

"Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the appearance anniversary of Krishna, the Supreme Person. He's not "born" like we are—He comes and goes as He likes—but He appears here to please His devotees, rid the earth of evildoers, and give the rest of us something worthwhile to talk about.

His pastime of janma, birth, occurred on the ashtami, eighth day of the waning moon in the lunar month of Hrishikesh. Janmashtami is one of the world's biggest spiritual festivals, and is observed by followers of many faiths. For Krishna devotees, Janmashtami is a day of non-stop chanting, cooking, worship of Krishna in His Deity form, and fasting until midnight, when a grand feast is served." (Excerpt from

We will have the usual Kirtan (musical chanting) and prasadam feast (Sanctified Veggie /Vegan food) but also a short drama and a talk on Krishna's appearance.

Please join us starting at 19.30. Further details click HERE.

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