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Friday 12th January - Hare Krishna Fridays re-opens for 2024

Hare Krishna everyone! Happy New Year!

Unfortunately there are a lot of devotees away this Friday 5th January so will re-open our regular Hare Krishna Fridays meeting on Friday 12th January. More details to follow but we look forward to joining you in Kirtan then!

"Give up the shackles of material life slowly. Cultivate your spiritual consciousness internally. Give up prejudices that you have acquired from the so-called rational thinkers who deny the existence of spirit. Be humble and learn to respect those who work toward spiritual attainments.

Do this with your heart, mind, and strength in the company of Vaishnavas alone, and you will see Krishna in no time. Krishna is not an imaginary being, nor have you a right to think that He is a material phenomenon fancied to be the Supreme Being by fools. Krishna is not understood by the process of distinguishing the subjective from the objective, nor is He to be accepted as an imposition on the people set up by self-interested men.

Krishna is eternal, spiritually true, reflected on the human soul relieved of all attachment to dull matter, and is the subject of love which proceeds from the soul. Accept Him as such. and you will see Him with your soul's eyes.” (Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura - Sri Caitanya His Life and Precepts 1896)

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