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Friday 5th February - 'Krishna Book' reading continues

“Actually these two books, KRSNA book and Nectar of Devotion, are revolutionary to your country. Not only your country, but all over the world. Nobody has any clear idea of God. In hopelessness they declare that God is dead. So these books will supply clear idea of God, not only that but anyone who will read this KRSNA book in two parts, Nectar of Devotion, and if possible Teachings of Lord Caitanya, I’m sure he cannot go away from becoming a devotee of Krishna.”

Friday 5th of Februaryt @ 7:30pm* we will be reading from Krsna book, starting from Chapter 4 ‘ Kamsa begins his persecutions’ the book can be accessed electronically here

See you online via our usual zoom link:

Hope you can join in!

On behalf of Hare Krishna Brighton

“Every night before going to sleep, read Krishna book, hear Krishna katha. If you are attached to this hearing, then by reading, reading, regularly, one day when you are going to sleep remembering all these things, may be in a dream, Krishna can come.” (Srila Prabhupada)

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