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Saturday 30th September - a special evening with HG Deena Bandu das Prabhu

This week, Saturday (no friday meeting), we have yet another exalted speaker but this time, am absolute rare gem and a first for Hare Krishna Brighton.

We have a special evening event with His Grace Deena Bandu das prabhu, a disciple of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and has been practicing Bhakti Yoga since meeting the devotees in 1969.

Since then for over 40 years he has taken residence in India, in the Holy land of Vraj (Vrindavan) and he has become famous for sharing his deep love and is an expert of, recounting the numerous places of Krishna's lilas (divine pastimes) and has become a beautifully sweet story teller of Krishna's loving interactions there.

Lucky for us he doesn't confine this love of Vraja to only Vrindavan. He has broken through all borders and boundaries to spread the love of Krishna and the message of Godhead. Deena Bandhu Prabhu travels the world and wherever he goes, the listeners are enchanted by the delightful accounts of Krishna’s pastimes. He is famous for relating the enthralling histories of Vraja all over the world and we are extremely blessed to have him generously come to Brighton as part of his tour of the UK.

As usual we will also be having our usual Veggie/Vegan Spiritual Feast and musical chanting - Kirtan.

Please join us this Saturday, at the slightly earlier time for this very special event:

Time 18.00-21.00

BMECP centre, near to Brighton's train station - 10 Fleet St, Brighton, BN1 4ZE.

Map of the venue HERE

Admission Free (Donations welcome)

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