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Friday 17th June - 'Spiritual Leadership'

Tonight, Her Grace Shanti Priya Janaki devi dasi (locally known as 'Janaki') will be giving a talk on 'Spiritual leadership'. Many will already know Janaki as a serious practitioner of bhakti yoga and well versed in the conclusions of the vedic literature and Bhakti texts. Originally from Bengal India, Janaki mataji has joined our spiritual family here in Brighton for the last year, as she is studying a masters degree at Sussex University and week in week out, is responsible for decorating our beautiful altar with fresh flower garlands.

Please join us for an enlivening talk, our usual musical mantra chanting (Kirtan) & Veggie/Vegan sanctified feast (Prasadam).

Starts at the usual time of 19.30 at the Phoenix Community Centre.

Click HERE for further details.

See you there!

Hare Krishna!

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