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Friday 11th February - The appearance of Advaita Acharya.

Earlier this week was the anniversary of an important Spiritual Personality and specific Avatar of Lord Sri Krishna - Sri Advaita Acharya (see picture).

So tonight HG Madhu Vrata prabhu will guide us through 'Insights of Sri Advaita Acharya & The Pancha Tattva', specific Avatars that are particularly relevant to the tradition of 'Gaudiya Vaisnavism' - other wise known as 'The Hare Krishna Movement'. Join us to find out more!

Along side this will be the usual joyous musical mantra chanting (Kirtan) & Veggie/Vegan sanctified feast (Prasadam).

Starts at the usual time of 19.30 at the Phoenix Community Centre.

Click HERE for further details.

See you there!

Hare Krishna!

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