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Friday 20th October HG Adi Guru das - 'Message of the Bhagavat'

This upcoming Hare Krishna Friday's gathering will be graced by His Grace Adi Guru das prabhu, a friend of the Brighton Community and a well respected devotee not only in the UK but Internationally, with vast experience in Bhakti Yoga.

He is not only a seasoned practitioner but also an excellent storyteller and motivational speaker. Having traveled across the globe, he has shared the teachings of Krishna Consciousness, inspiring devotees with his captivating talks, vibrant Kirtans, and thrilling stories.

The topic of his talk this time is 'Message of the Bhagavat' - the ancient transcendental wisdom of the Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavat Purana).

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have him as our special guest once again, joining us in Brighton for our program.

Join us for this uplifting and transformative talk along with our usual Kirtans (chanting with musical instruments) -the most effective method of self-realisation for this age- and finishing with a Veggie/Vegan Spiritual Feast.

We look forward to seeing you there!

BMECP centre, near to Brighton's train station - 10 Fleet St, Brighton, BN1 4ZE.

Map of the venue HERE

Time 19.00-22.00

Admission Free (Donations welcome)

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